Posted on: September 15, 2008 4:47 pm


Well the time has come for a change at manager.  I can actually say that I was at the last game that Ned Yost managed a win for the Brewers.  Unfortunately that was the middle of last week.  The writting was on the wall for Ned.  The addition of CC was the tell tale message for Ned to push the Brewers to the end of the season.  When the upper management made the statement that they are "going for it" this year it was the signal to put up or shut up.  Since the Cubs swept the Brewers last month they have had a losing spirit that has captured the clubhouse.  That is was Ned's job to MANAGE the player to overcome this obstacle this late in the season, he didn't and now they are moving in another direction.

Will this jump start the ailing bats of the Brew Crew?  Will the players rally and save the season?  I hope so but, probably not. 


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