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Posted on: June 15, 2010 5:22 pm

College Football Upside Down - Not Quite

Yes the Big Ten now has twelve members and the Big XII has ten members, kinda weird.  The Pac-10 has eleven and maybe 12 if they push for Utah.  The great thing is that the mass hysteria is now over and the big rumblings have died down. 
The big winners out of all of this are the Big Ten and Texas.  Nebraska is a great fit for Big Ten football, the other sports vary a bit.  When was the last time Nebraska made a run in the "Tourney" for men's basketball?  Texas has figured out how to keep the extra money and possibly get their own TV network.  The Pac-10 looks like they have egg on their face by pushing for the 16 team league and only getting Colorado.  Notre Dame gets to side step the controversy and stay an "independent".  The Big East conference gets to stay pat and keep it's basketball powerhouse.
So what is next?  After a few years is the Big Ten or the Pac-10 going to make another stab at the bigger media markets by courting new teams?  Or will this be the end for another 10-20 years?  Will Texas get a Notre Dame type TV deal?
The longhorns better keep winning....

My bet is that the TV revenue will decide the timeline. 
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